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Featuring energy-efficient LED lights, this light box provides a soft and warm illumination that highlights the Tuzi Studio logo, making it a bold and memorable addition to your workspace. The sleek and modern design adds a touch of sophistication and creativity to your office, while the warm and inviting glow creates a comfortable and productive atmosphere for your team.

But the Tuzi Studio Backlit Light Box is more than just a decorative accessory – it’s also a powerful branding tool. By prominently displaying your brand logo, you’ll be able to reinforce your brand identity and create a lasting impression on your clients and customers.

Whether you’re a creative agency, design studio, or startup, the Tuzi Studio Backlit Light Box is a must-have. It’s the perfect accessory to enhance the ambiance of your workspace and showcase your brand identity.

So why wait? Order your Tuzi Studio Backlit Light Box today and start enjoying all the benefits of this unique and stylish accessory. With its warm and inviting glow, it’s the perfect way to create a welcoming and inspiring environment for your team and showcase your brand to the world.

We offer services such as logo printing, drawing images, lettering on the surface of boxes according to customer requirements, and provide product design support.

How to order:

  1. Select size
  2. Send us your LOGO or company name, directly contact me or send to Email
  3. We will make renderings according to the documents or letters you provide for your confirmation. After confirmation, we will arrange the production.


Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any problems before or after the order.
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